Region IPs   Loss Sent Ping
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APP features
Ping from different locations
Monitor your website’s availability wherever you are. Ping your websites and servers from the world's major regions in real time.
Packet loss statistics
Check statistics to see the data that failed to reach its destination. Real-time statistics show the percentage of packet loss that occurs due to errors in data transfer.
Average / best / worst time
Click on the desired region to get load time statistics within one minute.
Multi-server monitoring
Watch the performance of more than one website with the ability to add several servers.
Notifications of unavailability
Receive downtime alerts via push notifications in case of website disruption.
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Subscription features
As a Premium Member, you can also get access to these advanced features:
  • ping hosts on our servers 7/24 in the background;
  • get notifications on hosts and status updates downtime;
  • unlimited daily pings.